How do you choose?

Hi guys! This is my first official post and I’m so excited to share this with you. This is about how you choose what to read or what books to buy. I mean, there are like million of books out there, and there will never be enough time to read all them. Another dilemma is this- after reading a good book, how do you choose what book to read next? And how do you recover from the hangover of the book you’ve last read?

But for now, let’s just talk about how do you choose on what book/s to read. There are ways which are actually a big help to us, bookworms, and here are some:

  1. You can look at goodreads about the list of the most loved books based on the genre. Also, there are some reviews which can be the basis if that book is within your cup of tea. In my case, I always look first if the book is 3-5 stars or have positive reviews and that’s when I decide if I’ll buy that book or e-book. (But I prefer a physical copy because I get dizzy if I stay up too long reading an e-book.) But I know, people varies on their taste and a review or rating wouldn’t be enough. So this leads us to the next step..
  2. You can always watch some book blogs in youtube. Yes! Since booktube is now on fire nowadays, you can also get an idea on what book will be added on your to-be-read books! And of course, you get to know what your idol booktuber has to say about a certain book.
  3. In my case, I sometimes based on the book cover if I’ll buy that book or not. This is not a good way of choosing but for me, it still works. Sometimes, if I liked the book cover, I end up loving the story of the book too.
  4. Of course, you can always ask for your other bookworms’ suggestion. I do this too. ALL THE TIME. But just like I said, people varies on their taste of books.
  5. Another thing that I do is when my favorite author releases another book, I tend to buy that new book since I already know how the writing style of that author is. This is not a good way to choose too. Sometimes, I just loved one of his books but not all. To mend this, I try not to buy immediately his new release book, and I wait for a review before buying. And most of the time, it works!
  6. Lastly, before buying a certain book, you can always read first the summary of that book so you’ll know if that book is within your preference.

I hope this helps my other bookworm friends who happened to be experiencing the same problem that I face. And if you think there are some other ways too, don’t hesitate to share it with us. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How do you choose?

  1. These are great suggestions! I always get sucked in by pretty covers haha, but I usually check out reviews first before buying a book. And I love seeing people’s recommendations on instagram, I’m always discovering new books to add to my tbr 😀

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    1. Yayyy! So glad you liked this post. Haha, me too, there are times I end up being disappointed with the book cover, but it’s like 10% out of 100% 🙊 Recommendations are really useful. But right now, I find booktube a good place to find my next book to read 😉

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