Does my title sounds familiar? (Especially to my Filipino book lovers out there!) Yes! This post is mainly about my experience when I joined and won this contest. *Yayy cheers!*

For everyone’s information, MyFaveBookMySelfie2015 is a contest held by National Bookstore in partnership with Philippine Star, which you will take a picture of you with your favorite book for 2015.

This is the actual mechanics for this contest: MyFaveBookMySelfie Mechanics

As for choosing which book is my favorite (as of now) I end up with Falling into Place by Amy Zhang. I really was rooting for Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick, and my winning entry, Falling into Place. But I’ve read the first two books for quite some time, and I was having a hard time making the book description- so yep, I used Falling into Place since it was my recent read. All the details seems fresh and without a doubt, I do love the book! When I read the book, it just hit me. Deep. Down. Right. Where. It. Supposed. To. Hit. Well, what I really like about this book is it talked about the two side of the story. It talked about the cause and domino effect of a scenario. And of course, it talked about the dilemmas faced by every teenager.

So much about the book, joining this contest is really fulfilling! Because it gave me the freedom to express my thoughts about a certain book. Another thing that I enjoyed is looking through the other entries and discovered some great books. Win-win situation! Right? Right! Also, it’s my first time to join a contest this big, and believe me that just by joining, you’re confidence will really boost up! I’m really used to be the shy-type kind of girl, but through this contest, by showing my love for books, I got the strength to step out of my comfortable zone.

I really encourage everyone (my Filipino book lovers, yoohoo!) to join because there is really nothing to lose, and one thing that I surely gained by joining this contest are lots of other Pinoy bookworms!

My winning entry!


(My friend Nikka was the one who edited this photo! Amazing right? My friends were really supportive and they helped me through the whole process of joining this contest. Thanks God for such great friends!!)

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

That day, Liz Emerson tried to end her life by applying what she had learned on her Physics class: Newton’s Law of Motion. On that same day, the stories of Liz unfolded.
Liz was living a perfect life and everyone was dying to be like her. However, what they failed to see – behind the prestige that Liz possessed—was the grief she felt inside. She was overdosed with gloom and she was swimming in pain. Her heart was shattered and was almost beyond repair. She had all the reasons to end her life- and she almost did. But when Liam, a guy who secretly loved her, saved her from the accident, Liz finally recognized the splendor that life had to offer.
This book showed the effect of the words left unsaid and the things left undone – which, in most cases, were the ones that actually mattered.


And this is what I’ve won! (PS: please bare with me because everything still feels surreal- from the moment I joined up to the part where I saw my entry published in a newspaper!)

Thank you National Book Store and Philippine Star. You made one of my dreams come true!





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