Book Review #5: Unborn- Daniel Gage


Title: Unborn
Author: Daniel Gage
Publication: August 15th 2015, Vanquish Books
Genre: Science-Fiction & Fantasy
Pages: 266
Format: E-book

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“It’s nothing personal. You’re just part of the transaction.”

Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant. For his entire life, it seemed he was never meant to be anything special, that is, until the day it happened. Something dormant inside of him awoke.

In the near future, birthright theft is on the rise, a vast network of dealers offering desperate buyers the chance to steal a more desirable next life. Their power and influence is absolute, with little standing in their way. However, unexpected anomalies in the process endow unique abilities to their victims who, once identified, are offered one chance – to save our world or destroy it, one Unborn child at a time.

With the truth shrouded in conspiracy, Emma Jennings, a troubled but strong-minded young agent with a defiant reputation, is determined to prove these crimes exist. But in order to accomplish her goal, she’ll need to find the one victim who can turn the tide of her war. 

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*First of all, I’d like to thank Daniel Gage and Vanquish Books for giving me an opportunity to review this book. My review is unbiased in any way, and all that’s written is fully based on what I feel about the book.*


This story started a little slow and a little confusing and I had to go back to some pages before resuming but after establishing the main plot, this story is really a good fast-pace story.

The story began with a Dealer helping a man to shift or undergo a birthright theft. However, there is a government agency that hinders all these criminal activities and Emma is part of it. She has always been looking for a way to stop these dealers but never had any luck. On the other hand, Cam, a construction worker, seems to never figure out how to make his life better since no matter what he do, he always end up being a loser. Until one day, when his boss slipped and fell, Cam saved his boss and now, he became the hero and talk of the town. Cam didn’t know what happened because he didn’t use his mind but rather his instinct just took over. Little did he know, his life would now turned up side down.

In connection with Cam, Alexandre is a rich man living in Paris and when Cam did the heroic thing of saving his boss, Alexandre weakened as well. This is the part where I should tell you that Cam and Alexandre are like twins. Since Alexandre is the BENEFACTOR, he should receive all the good karma in life. But since Cam became a hero, there karma seems to reverse and the only thing to make their lives back again to normal is for Cam to do criminal acts again. Which he didn’t want to do. And as long as Cam is doing the right thing, Alexandre will continue to deteriorate but won’t die because a BENEFACTOR can’t die unless the UNBORN dies first.

This is an action-packed-science-fiction story that makes you say “just one more chapter.” I honestly didn’t know that I end up liking this story so much because I’m more of YA reader but it’s really good to try some other genre too! You just need to understand the main plot and then you’ll get hooked up with this story!

However, there are some parts which still leaves a spot and a little confusing. Nevertheless, this is still a good book! I just hope some parts were explained further especially the birthright part.

Lastly, what I like about this book is the characters that have a strong personality. Like Emma who doesn’t start anything she won’t end. She insures that no matter how hard or how impossible her task maybe, she still find a way to end and accomplish it. Next is Cam who knows that Unborn is capable of doing bad things but defies it. He know that being an Unborn is not a hindrance for him to be good because after all, he’s a person. Next is Coton who’s not loyal to the government agency but rather loyal to the mission. Lastly, Michael who knows that every mistake has a consequence.

Thanks to this book, I’d end up reading some sci-fi genre books!


Daniel Gage grew up in a small mountain town and when the weather turned bad, books were always his retreat. It was the year that he got The Chronicles of Narnia from his uncle and The Lord of the Rings from his dad that changed his life  forever- and when he was about ten, he decided he’d be a writer. To know more about him, drop by to his website.


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