Book Review #22: Heart of Miracles: My Journey Back to Life After a Near-Death Experience- Karen Henson Jones


Title: Heart of Miracles: My Journey Back to Life After a Near-Death Experience
Author: Karen Henson Jones
Publication: February 26th 2015, Hay House
Genre: Non-fiction, Spirituality
Pages: 222
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1401942172 / 9781401942175

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This book is a flashlight for people in the dark.

Karen Henson Jones was on the conventional path to success in the corporate world when a sudden cardiac event at the age of 30 took her to the brink of death. During an otherworldly experience, she was presented with a choice to leave her body or to return to Earth. When her request to live was granted, Karen was forced to come to terms with the life she had been living.

With warmth, wonder, and wit, Heart of Miracles takes us with her on an inspirational journey through India, Italy, Bhutan, and the Holy Land of Israel in search of a more meaningful life. Exploring the power of meditation, Western medical science, the transformative doctrines of reincarnation, and the teachings of Jesus, Karen encourages us to embrace the full possibilities of our spiritual selves.

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“I felt chronically unwell, with low energy and mild depression. I felt as though my efforts to get well were extreme, time-consuming, tiring, and expensive, yet the results were so minimal.”

*First of all, I’d like to thank Karen Henson Jones for giving me an opportunity to review this book. My review is unbiased in any way, and all that’s written is fully based on what I feel about the book.*

This book started with Karen’s systematic and constant life when an opportunity suddenly came, in the form of a heart attack. It may seemed a little ironic, but because of this almost death, she found her way to her true mission here on Earth.

Karen’s journey in finding the real meaning of “life” after her near-death experience is the main plot of this story. It was a long path, a very crooked path that Karen has gone through, a path that seems to brighten up then suddenly a new lightning will struck. It was a constant struggle to find your meaning in life while trying to live. It’s like when you actually think that everything’s going fine, a new obstacle will arise. But at the end of her book, she made it clear, that everything happens for a reason- and for whatever reason it is, we only need to trust God.

This book will really impart lessons that everyone needs in life. It talked about how one should never stop trying, on how one should be brave, and on how one should stand tall on his beliefs and views. Aside from the lessons, this book showed different cultures of people, different places and I swear that it feels as if I’m with Karen in her adventures.

I like that most of what Karen wrote here are the same beliefs I have. Since we’re both Catholic, it kind of refreshed me about saints and such, and she also taught me new things about our religion. I’m really amazed that she actually set foot on Israel. *It’s one of the things I listed in my bucket list.*

“Other secrets will be buried for thousands of years under the desert sands and in Vatican chambers, and some will be kept forever.”

As for her writing style and the sequence of events, I can say that it was okay. Her writing style is easy to get into. You wouldn’t notice that slowly, you made it to 100-page without a sweat. I also like the sequence of events because when I believe that everything is going fine, a new and grave problem arises. It’s like it constantly test your faith, and I admire that Karen has an unwavering belief. If I were Karen, I would question what have I done wrong to experience this seemed-joke-life. I admire Karen’s braveness, especially when things get rough for her. However, there is a part where I can’t somehow follow the flow, maybe because I don’t have any background on that topic, and also some of the parts seemed dull and gray, but over all, it was a meaningful journey.

This book suits me well. I was in the point of my life when I need guidance and answers, and thanks to this book, I somehow realized that problems come and go, and the only thing that should be constant is to trust God, because for whatever’s happening in our life now, He surely got our backs and He’s completely in control.

And now, I actually believe that if it’s meant for you- the timing, the place, the people- will be accurately right. 




Karen Henson Jones is a Filipino-American author of the Heart of Miracles, a spiritual travelogue. She is also co-founder of Malibu Beach Yoga in Malibu, California. She also works as an assistant to Khen Rinpoche, the founder the Siidharta School and head abbot of the Tashi Lhunpo monastery in India. Karen is a graduate of Cornell University and London Business School. To know more about her, head on to her website.



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