Book Review #34: The Universe of Us- Lang Leav



Title: The Universe of Us
Author: Lang Leav
Publication: October 4th 2016, Andrews McMeel Publishing
Genre: Poetry, Romance
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1449480128 / 9781449480127

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Planets, stars, and constellations feature prominently in this beautiful, original poetry collection from Lang Leav.  Inspired by the wonders of the universe, the best-selling poetess writes about love and loss, hope and hurt, being lost and found.  Lang’s poetry encompasses the breadth of emotions we all experience and evokes universal feelings with her skillfully crafted words.

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“You only get one chance to fall in love with your heart still whole.”

The Universe of Us is the fourth book of Lang Leav containing life and love poetries. And as a book collector and a Leav fan, I have to say that this book isn’t what I expected because it was just… okay.

“I saw love in your smile and I recognized in for the first time in my life. But you had a plane to catch and I’m already home.”

For her past three books, I was truly indulged with most of the poems- each one could relive the pain you thought was gone a long time ago… But this one seemed to be distant and I can’t find any connection. There were very few poems that actually touched me and the rest were just cheesy-coated-words. Also, there were some poems that I supposed were repeated and it was a bit off, though. But of course, I need to give credit that her writing style, a mixture of wit and pain, is I think one of the many reasons for the success of her books, including this one.

“I’ve never met you before, but I recognize this feeling.”

Despite this, I am still looking forward to read another Leav book since this one’s still a good read. However, if I would recommend a Leav book, it wouldn’t be this one for sure.



tumblr_muqakxYXSO1qag2pzo1_500Lang Leav is a recipient of the Qantas Spirit of the Youth Award and a prestigious Churchill Fellowship. Her artwork is exhibited internationally and she was selected to take part in the landmark Playboy Redux show curated by the Andy Warhol Museum. She currently lives with her partner and collaborator, Michael, in a little house by the sea. Her works and poetries swings between the whimsical and woeful, expressing a complexity beneath its childlike facade. To know more about her, head on to her website.


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